8 known failure due to weight loss

8 Known failure due to weight loss.

In order to look good, people use different diets, but often do not achieve the desired result.

Here are some of the 8 known most common mistakes people.

Make when trying to lose weight and how they can speed up the process.

1. You haven’t solved the psychological problem

In many cases, the main cause of weight gain is more or less deep-seated psycho-emotional problems.

If they can be associated with childhood trauma, personal relationships, unconscious or conscious, and hidden.

Until you get to the root of the problem, you will lose weight and eat again.

What we have to do?

Finally, to understand why you are overeating, speak openly and contact.

A psychoanalyst to find the problem and help you overcome it.

2. Doesn’t pay attention to health

The most common physiological causes of weight gain are various types of hormonal insufficiency

And many diseases.

In particular, hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders, renal failure, diabetes, hypothalamic disorders, metabolic syndrome, pancreatic and digestive disorders, and others. cause weight gain.

If you don’t overeat and gain weight.

it may also be related to heart failure or nephrotic syndrome (due to swelling).

What we have to do?

If a thorough physical examination is required.
I am convinced that food helps to cure all diseases.
But it is ideal to plan a diet by planning a diet that addresses not only cosmetic but also health problems.
However, in severe cases, medication support may be required.

3. Limitation of the plan

If you get rid of excess weight, most “sit” on a new diet or an old tried and tested diet.

If that severely limits their intake of fat or carbohydrates.

Often it works and the weight disappears, but this approach does not solve the problem:

as soon as we return to the usual food (as a rule, unnoticed to ourselves).

If the old pounds return and quite quickly, and with 5-6 extra pounds.

What we have to do?

If we create a diet or a balanced diet that we can live on for a lifetime.

(details and mood change according to the mood and the season, but at the same time keep the basics).

If the products must be particularly pleasant for you and also good for your health and figure.

If the menu should ideally consist of green vegetables.
Fiber, green vegetables and fruits, vegetable fats, seafood, fish, some nuts, and whole grains.

4. Count the calories

If Nutritionists around the world have long given up calorie counting and yet this tradition lives on.

And advice on counting calories comes from people who call themselves “professionals.

For example, what can we eat at 1400 Kcal, recommended for women to lose weight?

If the first option is two chocolates and 8 Known.

And like the second option is an extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner, consisting of products rich in vitamins and minerals.

In the first case, you will especially increase your sugar intake, causing a wolfish hunger, and you will end up eating mountain bread.

In the second you will be full, happy and the weight will continue to fall comfortably and smoothly.

5. Drink less water

Water is essential for our body to normalize metabolic processes.

It activates blood circulation.

Well-coordinated work of all organs and systems, removal of excess fluid, toxins, and degradation products from the body.

Many drink little because they are not thirsty.

In fact, we are only thirsty when the body dries out and cries out for help.

What we have to do?

Drink at least 2.5 liters of clean water per day.

6. Lack of exercise

Many hope to lose weight without exercising.

It is possible, but difficult: the weight will go slowly and one day it will stop.

Many believe that the difference between calories consumed and calories consumed will have to be increased by limiting the menu, which is not true.

If the body quickly goes into low-power mode and all work goes wrong.

And if not to mention the physiological and psychological discomfort.

In addition

If the skin relaxes without training and the muscles deform.

As a result, the body becomes soft and disagreeable.

He also remembers that during physical activity the body produces endorphins.

Which contributes to a good mood and a feeling of satisfaction.

If a positive attitude in our life is simply necessary!

what we have to do?

If we start with the type of business you enjoy.

Go out, buy a gym membership, swim in the pool, go to group sessions at the gym or go dancing.

If we get in the habit of working out at home for at least half an hour a day.

If You can download the exercise sets and do them whenever you have free time.

At first, you should never try too hard but gradually increase the speed.

7. Strength training

Strength training makes it harder to lose fat and during exercise muscle mass begins to grow.

(so there may also be weight gain), but fat doesn’t go away – it can only be burned with cardio.

In this case, many don’t like them and believe they can lose weight through diet and strength training.

Indeed, if this is not enough, you will really lose weight visually and 8 Known

But the subcutaneous fat will remain and continue to interfere with the work of the internal organs as before.

And most of the outside is evenly distributed over the body by strength exercises.

Once you stop exercising, your muscles will drop and your appearance won’t be the best.

What we have to do?

You should add physical fitness to strength training exercises.

It can be running, cycling, exercise bike, skipping rope, circular training, and interval training.

8. The aspiration for instant results

One of the most common mistakes is unrealistic to hope.

Many people, regardless of the amount of excess weight, want to get rid of it within a few weeks.

And if that doesn’t happen, they quickly lose inspiration, and 8 Known

Especially when a starvation diet and exhausting training no longer bring results.

(and such a result is certain in this case).

What do we have to do?

Stop the confusion and analyze what you did wrong.

If this is difficult for you, ask your dietician for help and be patient.

In addition, losing 4-5 kg per month is the standard, with a high starting weight of up to 7-8 kg, it is possible.

If the heavyweight loss puts a strain on the body.

It’s hard for the body to restructure itself for any other type of work, so you’ll feel faint, have headaches, central hormonal changes, and other side effects.

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