How to save money and money saving tips

How to save money

How to save money? Probably most of the time searched by lots of people on Google, no matter what’s his/her financial status.

Earnings and utility are different from man to man.

But there is hardly any person and who’s not interested in knowing the ways to save money.

Interest and its human ingenuity that lets him find out the best way to saving money out of his own financial position.

How to Saving Money?

Either you would be confused or overflowed with hundreds of money-saving ideas.

There are some common ways to saving money applicable to the masses.

And there are some exclusive money-saving ideas researched and applied to you only.

Things are good and effective because it is so far as you apply your tips and tricks properly.

Here I’m listing realistic and simple money-saving tips for the readers.

some money-saving tips have to look it

Β Accept payments by cheque and online:

This is one of the most ways to save money.

It’s a human tendency to spend more with cash more than from a bank account.

Research shows that a person finds it more inconvenient to withdraw money from the bank and buying goods with cards than by using hard cash.

And because this is the best way to save money for those who have a resisting tendency of spending cash.

Go for exchange programs:

Before buying new durable and capital goods like electronic gadgets, appliances, go for selling the used one.

There are more sites that assist you in selling your old products through advertisements like OLX, Quicker, etc.

Now the product sellers are to offer exchange programs. Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

And they are giving opportunities to their buyers to exchange their old ones with the new product.

Selling and exchanging the old products definitely reduces the cost price of the new ones.

Avoid outing with friends and invite them:

Many of us face this problem. When you go for an outing with friends and it’s unsocial for you to abstain from contributing.

Moreover and taking food and drinks at restaurants and bars is no way cheaper than you have it at home.

So instead of going to the restaurants and pubs and invite your friends to your home.

This is the best way to save money who are interested in maintaining social networks as well as concerned about how to save money.

Sell your old books:

This money-saving tip is especially for the students and the parents whose children have passed out and have a pile of books covering a considerable space in their room and want to evacuate them.

There are many sites that buy used and old books from us and pay accordingly.

One of such sites is BookScouter. This searches for the best match buyer for our old books.

Keep your house clean:

This is one of the good money-saving ideas and I think works great.

When we keep our house clean and it directly impacts our health. In addition to that and when the house is clean and it indicates that our staffs within the house are arranged too.

This will help us in finding our requisite items at arm’s length.

Misplacement and unattended staff left us with no option but to go for a new one, which can be avoided at large.

Take health insurance and medical

Whenever you sit with your financial budget and you must include health insurance in it.

It would be really foolish to take chance by not taking health insurance or medical.

By paying a small amount of premium and you save yourself and your family from finances.

Save at home:

Make a piggy bank at your home and because save whatever possible on a daily basis.

They ask your children to do the same out of their pocket money earnings.

It includes the saving habit in you and your children and creates a fund with the passage of time and is helpful at the time of your emergency.


When you are searching for ways to save money and you may come up with lots of money-saving tips.

But things will be effective and when you apply them appropriately in your daily life.

Remember and the tip that works for others may and may not work for you.

You have to choose the best way to save money of money-saving tips.





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